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Commission FAQ / Rates

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 8, 2011, 12:37 PM
Hi, all!  Here is a list of rules and rates when it comes to me doing commissions.  Just so you know, the proceeds from any and all commissions goes into my own personal "art fund", which allows me to continue to attend conventions, purchase art supplies, produce prints, comics, pins, and other products for you to enjoy.  Basically by commissioning me, you are directly supporting my art.

"How do I contact you about a commission?"
Please send me a note here on DA with the details of your desired commission.  Please be specific.  I will contact you promptly to let you know if I have accepted your commission, where you are in the queue, and what the price will be.

"What are the rates for your commissions?" (UPDATED)
That entirely depends on the style, level of detail, size, and amount of research required, but here is a basic breakdown of my usual stuff, based on one character per image...

-5"x7" Graphite sketch on Bristol [EXAMPLE] $15

-5"x7" Graphite sketch on Bristol, digitally painted [EXAMPLE] $25

-9"x12" Graphite drawing on Bristol [EXAMPLE] $50

-9"x12" Graphite drawing on Bristol, Digitally Painted [EXAMPLE] $75

-11"x14" Graphite on Bristol, Digitally Painted, w/detailed Background [EXAMPLE] $100

-9"x12" Ink/Marker Headshot on Bristol, Color [EXAMPLE] $40

-9"x12" Graphite/Marker Headshot on Watercolor Paper, French Grays [EXAMPLE] $50

-9"x12" Graphite/Marker Headshot on Watercolor Paper, Digitally colored [EXAMPLE] $60

"What do I get?"
You will receive the original artwork and a link to your DA account / website in the description of the posted piece.
If digital painting was done, you will also receive a full color print of the colored piece in addition to the original artwork.

"How do I pay?"
Once we have agreed upon the terms / details / turnaround of your commission, payment will be taken up front, preferably via Paypal.  Details for payment will be discussed in the notes.  I will start on your commission, once payment is received.

"What is the turnaround time?"
I will be adding a Commission Status window to my front page to keep track of a queue.  I am guessing I should not have a backlog of more than 2-3 weeks (although this is subject to change).  I will take on one commission a week to be posted every Friday.  First come; first serve.

"Is there anything else I should know?"
Glad you asked!  I have just a few simple rules...

1)  Please be specific when asking about your commission.  If additional characters, work, or research is required, the price will be quoted accordingly in the notes.

2)  No pornography / fetish requests.  I don't have anything against it; I just want to keep the gallery classy and more kid-friendly.  Sexy Pin-Ups and romantic images are still OK.  Please feel free to ask if you're unsure.  This is solely based on my discretion.

3)  No hateful / ignorant / political requests.  Again, this is based on my discretion.

4)  Please do not ask me to draw in someone else's style.  I like to think the reason you want me to draw for you is because you like my style.

5)  If I have questions regarding a commission, or would like to get an initial sketch approved, please respond ASAP so that I can complete your commission.  If a week has gone by without a response, I will go to to the next commission on the list.  If 2 weeks have gone by without a response, a refund will be issued and your commission will not be done.

6)  I reserve the right to refuse any commission based on content or attitude.  If payment was done before refusal, a refund will be issued promptly.

7)  I'm sorry, but I cannot take unpaid requests.

*Again, please don't be afraid to ask me any questions if you are unsure on price or content.  Just send me a note!  I'm really nice and would love to discuss it with you.  :)


*Please see the front page or newest journal entry to see where I'll be next!

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